Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Forever Changed

I met a woman named Jill, another Jewish believer on AOL in a Christian chat room in the 90s. We used to visit over the phone. She was living in Knoxville, Tennessee, a single mom with two teens who were unmanageable. I used to tell her about the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. She would not buy it, saying she didn't think she needed it. Well, it's not a requirement for salvation but it sure adds to it.

Well, some time later, I spoke with her on the phone again and she told me of a peculiar incident that had just occurred while talking with someone on a park bench. She said that while she was talking, suddenly she began to speak in tongues. Wow, talk about a God-incidence!

I had never heard of anyone being filled this way before. I struggled with getting my prayer language. I had too much doubt in the way. I remember having prayer time every night with God and running out of words and almost going into a language I never learned but would somehow reason it away.

But for Jill, who was very intellectual, this was truly a miracle! She was a changed woman from that moment on, and God began to bless her and increase her since.

It's been years since I had last been in touch, but the memory of her has come back to me and I felt to share this. Someone else must needs this. This is your time, says the Lord. So enter in.