Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a Tiny Red Speck Made My Day!

One day while visiting San Francisco just before my move to the Bay Area, I was having a shopping day in Haight-Ashbury. I was standing right at that famous intersection when I discovered a garnet missing from my favorite ring. I was bummed but didn't let it ruin the rest of my visit.

Three weeks after my return to Glenwood Springs from San Fran, I noticed a tiny red spot on the white portion of my bed cover. It looked like blood at first, but I bothered to touch it and not ignore it. It was the missing garnet from my very special ring!

I went into the the rock shop High Country Gems & Minerals on 8th near Grand where I bought the ring, to show it to my buddy Patti the "Rock Star"and we both rejoiced together.

Patti has glued the stone back into my ring and it's as good as new again! She did an amazing job! Patti really rocks!

Pittbull's Failed Attempt to Attack

In 1986 while living in Grand Junction, Colorado, I was walking up a paved path to my apartment with my bicycle when I was suddenly approached by Peppy, a female pittbull at large who quietly walked over to me and around to bite me on my left leg. She snarled as her teeth began to take hold of my leg. I yelled, "Stop, in Jesus' name!!"

She began to bark as she backed away. I continued to rebuke her.

I got inside safe and unharmed but called the authorities who came out shortly afterward. It was told me later that the owners had been in court that same morning over the dog who had bit someone else. But they claimed that the dog was approachable by young kids in the neighborhood and never harmed them. They weren't sure why or how the dog got loose and attacked me who was minding my own business.

But I have been approached by other angry dogs when with my bicycle, but usually when I'm riding it in the street. But the Name of above all names saved me this time. Amen.

However, a week later, a small boy in Denver was killed by a pittbul and it has since become illegal to own such a dog there.

Tie-dyed Seed and Bay Area Move Harvest

In 1995 while still in Denver, I began making visits to San Francisco. This was a result of an interest in becoming involved with the Jews for Jesus ministry there. Also, I really like San Francisco and remember visiting there with my family during my youth. I wanted to move there.

Upon one of my visits there I bought a tie-dyed rayon jumpsuit at Haight-Ashbury. It was fuchsia and black with gold foil stamped patterns throughout with other colors in it. It was short sleeved. I looked great in it and it fit me well.

But some years later God began to deal with me to part with it. I wouldn't do it for some time. He wouldn't leave me alone about it. I was disturbed over it.

Then finally, I did give it up and ended up taking nothing for it. For a long time I lived with regret over this. But I eventually forgot about it.

Then, in July of 2008, four years after having moved away from Denver to Glenwood Springs, I finally moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. God has since revealed to me how He took that jumpsuit and turned it into a relocation for me.

I'm living in South San Francisco now, which is not where God intended for me to move to. But I believe He's not through. Though I missed it along the way, I believe He is calling me into the City. Will look forward to posting about the fruition of this.

In the Eye of the Hailstorm

Back while living in Denver, Colorado in 1990 when the Post Office was across the street from my apartment complex, I ran off to mail a letter. But on my way out I noticed some unusual-looking textured clouds above me and seemed to sense being warned, hearing the Lord say, "Are you sure you want to go out right now?" I went anyway.

Well, I was only gone a few minutes. As soon as I got just inside the doors of the front entrance of our building, a huge, sideways, white deluge hit. I was inside looking out and watching this. There were other people in the lobby watching with me when I yelled, "I plead the Blood of Jesus!"

I heard a man beside me yell, "Amen!"

Later, it was reported how there was extensive damage to cars and windows, as well as many injuries. But as for our apartment complex, there was none! That storm caused car insurance rates to go up across the State of Colorado for many years, which made it second to New Jersey in high insurance rates.

Cat-at-large Rescued to Safety

Back in 1986 while living in Grand Junction, Colorado, a white young male cat with blue collar, no ID frequented my door. I knew if I fed him, I wouldn't get rid of him. However, he kept coming anyway. So one day I finally took him to the Pound.

For the following few nights or so, I was troubled and didn't sleep well. I have never taken an animal to the Pound for fear of it being euthanized. I was determined that if the cat did not get claimed, I would adopt him. His number was 206 if I wanted him.

Well, a few days later I had a dream of encountering the woman from the Pound on the street somewhere downtown, and her telling me that the owner came and picked up the cat. Two weeks later the dream was confirmed and I did encounter the woman from the Pound somewhere in town. She recognized me and told me that a young woman on a bicycle with a cage on the back, came to claim her cat. The Pound employee told the owner that her cat was turned in by a very concerned lady. She advised the owner to keep better tabs on her cat.

I later heard from someone in the neighborhood that the cat had been getting mistreated by some people in the area. So, taking the cat to the Pound may have saved his life. I believed I was being led by the Holy Spirit to take the cat in even though I didn't realize it then, and that God revealed to me in a dream that my action was not in vain. He also cared enough for the cat to save him from his abusers.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Landing Gear Revived

I believe it was in 1989 that I took a late-night trip to see my father and stepmother. A friend gave me a ride to the airport. At the time it was Stapleton, before Denver International Airport was ever built. It may have been Thanksgiving time, but not sure.

Anyway, I had a layover in Las Vegas on my way to Los Angeles where I would be landing at LAX. It was supposed to put me into LAX at around 4:00 or 4:30 in the morning. Then, I was supposed to take a cab from the airport to my folk's house and find the key under the doormat to let myself in and climb into a ready-made bed awaiting me.

As it was, when the plane left Denver and was over the Rocky Mountains, I heard "Pray in the Spirit." I didn't pay it much mind and started to doze off to sleep. But as soon as I would, I heard that voice and those words again. Again, I didn't pay it much mind but prayed, "Lord, give your angels charge over this flight."

Then, as we approached Las Vegas, I was reminded to pray again. So I did, but with not much thought or effort. We landed fine in Las Vegas were there for a short time while we picked up and dropped off passengers. I was allowed to remain on the plane which I preferred to do as I didn't want to be enticed with slot machines.

Finally got back up into the air and heard this voice again with the same words, "Pray in the Spirit." I was a bit agitated by it. I argued that I wanted to sleep. But when I would doze off, again the voice came. I am trying to recall what I did then.

Suddenly, as we were approaching LAX, the captain came on with an announcement, but it was difficult to hear because of the cabin noise. It was an older plane and it wasn't built well for sound. It was a Boeing 737 200 which is probably not in any fleet anymore. So I tried to ask the flight attendant who was speaking with the passenger in front of me. She answered me in a disgruntled, impatient tone and said I will speak with you when I'm done with this man. So I waited.

In the meanwhile, while descending into LA, we suddenly went up again and turned around.

Then, she asked me what it was I wanted. I asked her what the captain had announced as I could not hear what he said. She explained that the landing gear was not working and we had to go back to Las Vegas to make an emergency land due to regulations at LAX. I said, "Oh. Thanks."

As we approached Las Vegas again, but this time from the West, several announcements were made by the flight crew about our soon descent. When I noticed that one of the flight attendants had tension in her voice, I requested of the flight attendant I had been speaking with if I could move to another seat and I pointed across the aisle where there was no one seated. She granted me permission.

I moved to another seat away from any other passengers and bowed my head and began to pray. I began to address the devil, commanding him to loose his hold on the aircraft. I told him he was forbidden to have a single flight crew member, passenger or piece of luggage. I spoke to him firmly in the name of Jesus.

I don't think it had been quite five minutes, and I heard the captain return to the PA system and announce that the landing gear appeared to be working and was in the locked position. We made our land within minutes and the arrived at the gate with everything intact, although there were flashing red lights around us.

At the time, I didn't have a full understanding of the extent of what was going on, but we had to deplane and wait for another plane to become available to board. It seemed like a long wait but I hesitated to call my family (before I ever had a cellphone) to inform them of the delay. I was intent to let them sleep.

Well, we finally boarded another plane and headed to LA. We arrived in tip-top shape with no events. On the moving walkway I heard a man telling his friend behind me about the incident and described emergency vehicles awaiting us on the runway. I turned around and asked, "Was that for us?"

He answered, "Yes, that it could have been very serious."

I exclaimed, "I didn't know."

So, I caught a cab and went to the folk's house. As soon as I arrived and put the key in the door, the door seemed to open by itself. My stepmother was on the other side with a look of horror on her face. She explained that she got up five minutes before to check on me and found the bed empty. She called the airline but they wouldn't give her any information. So I stayed up and told her the whole event. I explained that I hesitated to call because of not wanting to disturb anyone. She told me the airline had assured her that this was to be a nonstop flight. Oh well, as far as I know, I arrived in one piece.

But sometime later, my stepmother was about to take a trip somewhere, and she flies a lot, called me on the phone to tell me. I was clueless at the time as to why, until I got off the phone with her. She wanted prayer.

Had it not been for the power of prayer, I might have been incinerated to death, along with many others. Lesson learned: Do not underestimate the power of prayer, and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit.

However, looking back, I didn't know what landing gear was and I believe in some ways God blinded me from knowing everything so that I could pray without fear.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Obtaining and Excelling at a Job

Back in March of 1998 I was contemplating looking for work when the Lord directed me to find something on the Web related to optical lab work, although I never worked in one before. I discovered an optical lab technician position available in the Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News online. So I went and applied at Duffens Optical who placed the ad.

Amazingly, I found I had supernatural confidence while filling out the job application and I documented information about my color aptitude without realizing why. It never occurred to me that color aptitude would be important in this position. But when I was interviewed I began to learn why. They were looking to fill a position in the dye station. I was astounded! It was the Lord all the time directing my steps.

After a couple days or so, I decided to give a followup phone call on my application. I was able to start almost immediately.

The first few days seemed impossible and it required a lot of stretching in me for my patience and eye training. It was very hard in the beginning but the confidence of my trainers helped pull me through the learning process. I confessed, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" throughout my shift each day. It finally caught on to my brain and it kicked in and made me the most excellent dye technician that Denver wholesale optical lab ever had in its 30 years of existence at the time.

When I began there, I had no inkling of how I could ever learn to tint lenses to the extent I needed to to achieve perfection in matching lenses one with another, especially with single and double gradients. It was one of my biggest tests of patience I had ever had as it took practice, practice, practice, and more practice.

However, I am very grateful for the training I was given and their belief in me as I believe wholeheartedly that the support I received on the job was the catalyst for my success there. It was the longest job I ever held. I am thankful to have had this experience. Besides this lab being a family owned business, I enjoyed working there because we were a thriving team and ran a tight ship.

It was more than just a job. They were like family to me of which I felt like an honorary member. I feel I owe much credit to my supervisor, Joe Stoker who encouraged cross-training and who scheduled meetings every week to ensure we were all on the same page. He had a heart of a champion and a leader that is not found in very many I have worked with, though I have had other bosses I've enjoyed. But Joe was motivated and visionary, no pun intended. But his enthusiasm was contagious. Thank you, Joe, if you ever read this and I hope you do someday! You helped me grow!

But above all else, I feel that God's word really set the stage for my success in that season of my life. How much more can it in this new season despite the critical time we are in now? I am seeing it in the lives of others who against all odds are excelling beyond what was ever imagined. So I believe it possible to surmount the seeming impossibilities now. Thank You, Lord! Amen.