Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Dreamt I Saw The Lord

It was real as though I was awake. I heard as it were, someone coming in through the front door. It was still dark out, but my bedroom was lit from the street light. So there was enough visibility to see a person walk into my room.

A figure did enter my room, standing at the foot of my bed. He was dressed somewhat like a nun in that He was cloaked in what looked like a black cape and hood over a white tunic, and girded at the waste. His face was not clearly visible.

I was a bit stunned. So I was lying on my right side and not able to look directly at this Person. But I moaned and extended to Him my left hand. He touched it and rubbed His index finger along the top of my hand. I asked, "are you the One my soul waits for?" He uttered, "mh-hm," meaning in the affirmative.

Then I awoke from my sleep to discover it was a dream, but I believe it was divinely ordered and this Visitor to have been Jesus Who just came to reassure me that He has not abandoned me.
Pictured with red cloak instead of black as seen in dream for aesthetics.
You can now view my animated story by visiting "I Had A Dream."

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spared from Car Accidents in Denver

1. On Hwy 6 as it turned into 6th Avenue, approaching Santa Fe Drive in Denver coming home from completing a graveyard shift: All to my surprise, I screamed "I am a tither!" as I was speedily approaching a car that I had no idea was stopped. I managed to stop just short of hitting the other car.

Now I will no longer work a third shift because it might land me or someone else in the graveyard.

2. Feeling somehow uneasy about driving on the highway to work I decided to have my tires inspected to discover a bulge on the inside before having it blow on Hwy 36 on where I commuted everyday to work.

Meanwhile, around the same time a minister and his family were in an accident caused by a similar thing and he died. A pastor who told this story said he wondered why such a tragedy should have happened. I later told him my story of how I was spared.

3. Avoided truck pulling out from driveway onto busy Colorado Boulevard right in front of me while I was driving with an atheist in the passenger seat. I got around in front of the truck and somehow it seemed as though an angel literally stopped the truck. I had the right of way and had no idea the driver didn't notice me since I was clearly in his view on his left. My passenger nearly had a heart attack. It should have made a believer out of him.

Lesson: It pays to listen to the Holy Spirit and to the inward promptings. Also, be grounded in prayer and in scripture about protection. Psalm 91 is a favorite.

I should not have assumed the truck driver saw me even though it seemed I was clearly noticeable. It might have been an appropriate time to use my horn.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

God-Inspired Profitable Craft Project

God gave me an idea of a profitable craft venture. I saw it in a vision as to how it was to be made, God being the Chief Art Director.

Project: FrijArt - Pressed Bouquets

Raised Moth

While working as a maid at The Gant in Aspen, Colorado, I noticed on the ground near the redwood bark mulch a lighter orange triangular shaped object. It was flat but it drew my curiosity. I stooped to pick it up and found it was a dying moth. I prayed life back into it and it fluttered out of my hand. This was back in Summer of 1982.

Healed Cat

Gucci was healed as I laid hands on her in December of 1982 and she lived many years afterward and no one could explain why. God miraculously extended her life well beyond what my family predicted for her. She lived a long life.

Marguerite Healed from a Stroke

A bird I named after a friend was healed of a stroke after anointing her with oil a second time before taking her to the vet to be put down. I was in a state of disbelief when the vet said we don't have to euthanize her. I came home in relief with a bird who was in a state of recovery.

Tweaker Healed by the Laying on of Hands

On several occasions when it looked like hope was gone with my sick bird, the prayer of faith and anointing of oil restored my bird to vibrant health. He would show signs of real improvement within the same day.
 Tweaker is twenty-three years old and still going strong. He lives with Meredith who is also a male cockatiel. They both love to take showers with their mum.

Recovering a Lost Earring on a Busy Floor

Location: Fujicolor, Denver, CO

Time: During a night shift in Fall of 1999

Event: Discovered a silver earring missing from my right ear. Trusted God it would be found. Moments later someone helped me find it on a busy factory floor in good shape where it had blended in with its surroundings.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today is My New Birthday!

It was 29 years ago today I became born again. I remember it well. I was attending my first quarter at Colorado Mountain College, back in the day before they switched to semesters,  as a Photography Major and had approached Lee Wiegand in the school cafeteria and requested his presence in the Mezzanine with questions about salvation which he answered to my satisfaction. It was there we prayed and I invited Jesus Christ into my heart and to become Lord of my life. So Happy New Birthday to me!

Divinely Directed in Shopping

When I was shopping at Target for some leggings and saw that another shopper beat me to the last pair of gray leggings, I was disappointed. But God had another plan. The following day after doing some community volunteer work in a park garden, I was prompted to go to the Goodwill store nearby. I found a pair of gray leggings there that seemed to call out to me for just a few dollars, such as what was on clearance at Target the day before.

I had tap dance lessons in the back of my mind when recently I was prompted to visit the Goodwill not knowing they were having a half-off, store-wide sale on all items except for long sleeved clothing. I found a pair of tap shoes there and got them for $11.50. They fit perfectly. I had spotted them being displayed on a circular clothing rack, apart and away from where all other shoes are displayed.

God is not only the Bargain Hunter but the Bargain Finder. While He delights in the prosperity of His servants, He prospers them in leading them to bargains.