Thursday, November 22, 2012

Remembering High School Days

When I was in high school, I didn't give a rip about God, but instead I was continually ripped--ripped on pot and ripped off by the devil.

I remember this hippy guy who approached me on campus to tell me about his Jesus and I thought he was nuts because he told me he used to be an acid head. So I thought he was missing a screw when he told me about his God. I just wouldn't receive it.

I showed up to my ceramic class stoned out of my mind as was my custom at the time. It was my favorite class and I felt accepted and esteemed by my teacher Ms. Uribe then. I would make her laugh by my foolish outbursts.

One day while I was sitting in ceramic class across from Joyce Gintel I said something about Jesus, not even believing in Him. Joyce said, "Cathy, I thought you were Jewish!" I replied, "I am but so is Jesus!" I forget if I actually said it in the present tense, nor am I sure how I knew that Jesus was a Jew.

But little did I know that one day I would come to know Him as my personal Savior and Lord, Who I once mocked.

Thank You, Jesus! You're the Best!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Being Chased by Candy

Since recently making a quality decision to give up a sweet tooth, I have managed to resist the candy jar twice in a row now at work. But yesterday evening in class, I discovered two pieces of candy lying on the chair between my classmate Janice and me. I pulled the chair out and showed Janice the candy, asking her if it belonged to her. She said, "no." I had to laugh and I may have told her why.

Then, I got up to take a quick break. When I returned, there was candy all over the tabletops and my classmates were all partaking! It was like a bad dream! They said they found it taped under the tables. I couldn't believe it! They were the small Halloween-size candies, such as what I saw in the jar at work over the past couple days.

I told the class about my resistance to sweets and why. I explained that I was pre-diabetic, and asked them to discourage me from indulging.

But I resisted until the last half hour of class. I was released by the Lord to have just one piece. I chose to have a NestlĂ© Crunch. But I told a classmate who watched me take it that I could have just one and I gave him permission to slap my hand if I take another. He never had to slap my hand.

At the end of class, the candy was taped back underneath the tables where it was found. This has to be the only time in my life I could credit the devil for a sense of humor.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Neutralizing Fear

Back in high school days, which was in the early 70s, there was a lot of racial tension in our school. I used to hear of stabbings in the restrooms, even in the girl's restroom. So I was nervous about being in the restroom whenever there would be more than one person of color in there when I was in there. I also used to be a target of a lot of bullying when I was growing up, regardless of who it was coming from. But I remember being especially nervous during these moments. So I used pot which seemed to help neutralize my fears and it made me less inhibited so that no one would bother me.

Now I no longer use pot, but have the Greater One living on the inside of me. He has given me boldness in the face of enemies. 

Ephesians 6:10-18, Isaiah 41:10-13; 54:17, Psalm 91, Proverbs 3:26

God Fixes Mechanical Glitches

Last year, there was a stalled white car in a school parking lot with a lady inside and group of her friends around. She was unable to get her car to start. I recognized one of her friends who happened to work with me in the college library, who is a believer.

As I neared them, a strange boldness rose up inside me. I imagined myself saying, "Arise and walk!"

Then, I approached the white stalled car and slammed my hand on the hood and commanded the car to start, in Jesus' name.

As the young lady turned the key, it started up immediately. We all gave a shout and she ran out of her car with the engine running, and threw her arms around me, thanking me.

We had a shoutin' hallelujah good time in the parking lot at the marvelous thing the Lord had performed.

Just the other day I found that my USB webcam which I only had for about two years was faulty. It would give a darkened image of insufficient light which made it necessary to edit the images produced by it in order to have the desired result.

I recalled the incident with the stalled car and told God that I honestly didn't know if I could believe for Him to fix my webcam. I called the place I bought it from to ask how to calibrate it, if I could. I was told that since the warrantee was expired, it would be better to replace it. I wasn't so happy about that.

So I tested it again with Facebook and with Photo Booth and still no change. Then I decided to launch FaceTime, and suddenly the problem cleared and it's working again. No more dark images! Hallelujah! God just did it again! That was a savings of $55 or better!

Rocketfish Webcam

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lessons Learned from a River Rafting Trip

In Summer 2008 I went on a river rafting trip on the Colorado River. I sat on the left side, midway of the raft. So I had a paddle in my hands. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water. I was with a friend of a friend who wanted a companion for the day. This was set up by a friend out of town and it was very thoughtful of her to fix me up with him, although it never led to anything further.

As we sat in the raft, Jim (vaguely recalling his name) was the only one wearing a neoprene outfit. I wore shorts and a swimsuit. So I had to tolerate getting soaked with cool river water.

There were probably nine of us in the boat with the river guide at the stern who led us strategically through ebbs and flows of the river. Every once in a while, he would sneak us upon a treacherous spot where we had to use our paddles rigorously at his commanding and excited voice.

So I paddled rigorously through the rough waters to help us through to safety. I discovered that I felt less intimidated by the rapids whenever I aggressively wielded my paddle against the turbulent waters. I felt more in control of the conditions at hand.

So I pondered how true it is with spiritual things and what I have been taught that circumstances are subject to change but God's Word never changes, but is able to command our circumstances to align with His will and His glory. So, lesson learned, and still learning.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

When Will the Light Dawn?

I recall the break room in Denver being packed with many my coworkers as our eyes were glued to the TV while the Columbine shooting incident was first being broadcasted. I remember the shocked faces of ours as we stared at the TV, and the horror that struck our hearts as the incident was just ten or so miles away.The day following, it was so quiet at work. There was literally NO conversation at work. Everyone was silent the entire shift as we on the clock and did our daily duties. You could have heard a pin drop.

When the kids at Columbine High School died, it felt as if they were my very own kids that died. I could not tell you why other than it had to have been God Who put a spirit of intercession on me to pray for those affected by the tragedy.

How tragic is this new shooting spree at the movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado! How senseless! I feel a similar empathy as I did back in the event of the Columbine incident. How could someone take innocent young civilian lives?

Interestingly, the Oklahoma City Bombing Trial took place in Denver and their were barricades around the Federal Building while court was in session.

Back in the early 90s, a minister from out of town was a guest speaker at a meeting I attended in Denver. A word of prophecy was spoken concerning Denver, how there had been a spirit of murder over that city and that God was going to remove it. Sad to say, it's been many years since and I have yet to see that word fulfilled.

While living in Denver, I had taken to prayer walking. I felt rather safe wherever I was. I lived in an apartment complex for many years near Downtown. I finally moved away in April 2004. When I spoke to some folks there a year later, I was told there had been four murders in the very building in which I lived.

But now I remember a stabbing death that took place in a building across the street while I still lived there. 

Around the time of 9-11, I was awakened in the middle of the night, being warned that Denver could become a target for terrorism. So I prayed during the night and arose early in the day to go prayer walking around the World Trade Center in Downtown Denver. As it is, Denver never got attacked by terrorism, thankfully. However, I heard later that an attack was being plotted against Denver.

Prayer Warriors, we need to take our position more seriously and use the authority invested in the name of Jesus and our spiritual weaponry. God can't do it all for us. I'm preaching to myself as well.

Just recently while watching Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" when he interviewed Guillermo Maldonado, it was mentioned that they prayed that Miami would have no murders for an entire month, and that it was actually documented. What can we do if we would pray?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Scored with Quinoa

My eating lifestyle has been undergoing some refinement. Quinoa is one of the better foods I can eat as it is gluten-free and highest in protein of all the grains.

So today some unexpected money arrived in the mail and I was suddenly being prompted to go to Trader Joe's to buy some Quinoa. I had ran out of my supply, but the other day I showed up at Trader Joe's to buy some they were all out. So I felt a little reluctant today about my chances of finding any.

Well, Hallelujah! I found it, and it happened to be the very last one! I was so elated I could have danced right there in the store. When I told one of the clerks she said, "You seem like you just won the Lotto!"

I told her it felt like it because I grabbed the only one left on the shelf. This time it's a package of Organic Tricolor which I never have had. So today it was a triple surprise! :-)

I first learned how to cook Quinoa during a visit to Trader Joe's when they were sampling a salad made with it at their demo booth. I was told to bring one part Quinoa to two parts water to a boil and then steep for ten minutes before adding any ingredients. A vegan classmate told me she uses vegetable broth instead of water to give it more flavor. 

Then, I add chopped vegetables, olive oil and fresh-squeezed lemon with herbs. It's a yummy snack that can be eaten all day long.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm generally not an alarmist but...

There is a storm brewing in the heavens. Watch and listen to Shane Warren, guest of Sid Roth on It's Supernatural! to learn more.

I also had a premonition of 9-11 just two days before it occurred. I was in Houston for a conference at the time and had boarded a plane to come home just 24 hours before the Twin Towers were leveled.

Before then, back in 1986 during my prayer time, the Lord had warned me about terrorism on American soil.

In conclusion, the Sleeping Giant, which is the Church (myself included), must arise from its slumber. We are living in the end times and prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes.

By the way, I'm not comforted by this either.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Revelation of God's Heart

I was feeling somewhat guilty for not attending to other matters today, but rather chose to write these blog posts. Then God seemed to say to me, "Don't you think I might love to have you brag on Me?

I thought that was so precious, I just had to share it.

A Friendly Reconnection

Just thought enough to call an old friend in Colorado with whom I had been out of touch. I looked up her number on the Internet to get it, but now I have it in my address book. She will be turning 81 in six days and celebrating her birthday at a family reunion in Oregon. It was refreshing chatting with her.

I had been thinking about her anyway, probably over the past weeks. I wondered even if she was still alive. When I first looked online for her phone number, her name appeared in a couple obituaries. I thought, "oh no!" I felt so badly for missing another opportunity to speak with her. I wept. But then I was comforted. I looked again online and noticed she is still living. Her name appeared in obituaries as a survivor and not as the deceased. I was so relieved.

So, the phone rang until the machine picked it up. I began to leave a message until she picked up the phone. Wow! Was she surprised to hear form me, but so was I to hear her voice again!

Her name is Raebeca. I used to do sewing work for her. It was piecework but I enjoyed it. I found her ad in a Christian job directory back in the early 90s. We had kept a friendship all that time. She still does sewing and I think I would still be working for her on a contract basis if I was nearer to her. Anymore, manufacturing work is harder to find because of the massive outsourcing, but with the Internet, anything is still possible. In fact, she inspired me to consider selling my wares online which I am motivated to do now. She had asked me if I was doing the street selling thing as we talked about in another conversation. I told her I wasn't. So that is when she brought up about selling online. I told her about a client of mine who does that and is rather successful with it. In fact, I may consider selling on Craigslist, policy permitting.

What prompted me to call Raebeca today was that I had watched a TV episode of Andrew Wommack teaching on God's love in way that deeply ministered to me. It really touched me to the core when he emphasized how we need to receive God's love in order to give it, and that our motive for doing anything for God ought to be based on a love relationship with Him. I knew that but sort of drifted away from it. I needed the reminder and it was all fresh and new for me, like I could start all over without the condemnation for not having done it all right.

Where Raebeca comes into the picture is that she is a partner of Andrew Wommack Ministries International and has encouraged me to connect with his ministry. I have his book Spirit, Soul & Body which I have yet to finish reading, and quite frankly, I didn't care for his teaching. I used to think of him as kind of arrogant but today I felt utter humility and grace proceeding from him.

But today for the first time I was able to receive and came away encouraged and renewed. I called Raebeca to tell her about it and that I would be subscribing to his podcasts.

Andrew Wommack is such a humble man and really presents the word in a way that is so practical and authentic. I invite you to check out his ministry and material. He's not into making money as much as he is dedicated to getting his life-transforming material into the hands of believers who sincerely want to grow in Christ and be pleasing to God. While I was still living in Colorado, I wish I could have attended his conferences and visited his ministry.

As for my rekindled friendship with Raebeca, I believe the quality of our fellowship will be different from now on. I feel encouraged to be creative again.

Thief on the Cross

In April 2004 while making a move from Denver to Glenwood Springs, just 160 miles apart, I was saying my goodbyes to people I had known throughout the many years I lived in Denver, particularly in the building I lived in for fifteen years. My neighbor Karen Wilson with whom I didn't always get along, who was rough around the edges, left me a very touching note by my door, wishing me well in my move.

Well, I was prompted to respond with a gift. I gave her a hat I bought on my first visit to Glenwood Springs back in 1980. It was a woolen knit hat made in Italy. I was very fond of it although I rarely wore it. It was off-white with stripes of fuchsia in various tones. I hesitated giving it up. But I knew that I knew that I was supposed to give it to Karen who was very sickly at the time, although she was not that much older than me. I didn't know what she was suffering from. But with difficulty, I released the hat.

Then, a few months later I was impressed to send her a card which I finally did. But just previous to that, I kept hearing "thief on the cross," not knowing who that was referring to. I thought it might be my father who had ostracized me. I was clueless at the time.

Some time had passed since I mailed the note to Karen. I had pretty much forgotten about it. Then one day in July that year, it appeared in my mailbox unopened. It had some handwriting on it as to why it was returned. It said, "Deceased." I was in shock and overcome with grief.

I ended up still going into work that evening as scheduled. I paced the floor where I was working in sorrow. Then, I heard what I believed to have been the Holy Spirit asking me, "what are you so grieved about?"

I was a bit taken aback by that. I responded, "I'm saddened about Karen."

Suddenly, I remembered the words, "thief on the cross." I then understood who that message was referring to. My countenance changed that instant from downcast to peace and joy. God is faithful!

Then, years later when I finally moved to the Bay Area, I found a cream-colored hat of the same style and fiber as the one I gave to Karen. Only this time, it's more of a tan tweed and mostly solid color. I still miss the other one, but was pleased to find this one at a bargain.
Thank You, Lord, for your faithfulness!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Attest to Tithing

I recently recommitted to tithing. However, my resources have been depleted and I am being stretched to trust God for provision. This past month I was unable to pay my bills on time and found myself having to contact my phone carriers and utility company to alert them to my need to make late payments. They all seemed willing to work with me. 

In my conversation with my cellphone carrier I inquired about a pay-as-you-go plan. I was told that their best plan would cost around $30 a month. I wasn't going for it. After reviewing my account history, they made an offer that I simply could not refuse. I ended up with the $30 a month plan which however locks me in for two years contract with them, and they decided to forgive the $45 bill that was due.

Now if that is't God, I don't know what was! I got to testify in church last Sunday. It has to have been a result of tithing and my good standing as their customer since June of 2005. Thanks be to God! This month's bill was around $28! Wow God!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Pearl-White Purse

In April of 2004 I was making a move over 160 miles from Denver to Glenwood Springs. I was saying goodbye to many of my acquaintances in Denver.

Meanwhile, the preparation for the move was an exercise of my faith as I did not have quite the means I would have liked for such a move. So I prayed for a windfall, not knowing exactly what I was praying for.

One day while standing in line at a food bank, I saw a book called Finders Keepers. Without opening it, I remember pondering the title saying, I would not want to leave someone as a Loser Weeper. But somehow I knew that was a message for me without understanding how it would manifest itself in my life or on my behalf.

Then a few days later as my brother graciously offered to put new tires on my car, and I was getting that fulfilled at Discount Tire, I was summoned by the Lord to go across the street to the Unique Thrift Store and buy a purse. He had spoken to me earlier about buying a purse. It seemed odd since the need for another purse wasn't apparent to me at the time.

I don't have that purse anymore. Neither do I have any pictures of it. But it did get a lot of use before I finally gave it up. But here is an illustration that closely resembles it. It had a nice brown cloth lining with a zipper pocket inside, and the purse itself was deep.

Nevertheless, I went across the street and looked at the purses they had on sale. I was drawn to only one, which I would not have picked. It was a plain-looking, pearl-white, imitation leather purse. I bought it for a few bucks. Didn't think anything about it.

Then, when the car was ready with its new tires, I went home. I happened to examine the purse once I was home. I pulled out a white bank envelope. It had no one's name on it. I opened it up and pulled out $250 cash! I let out a scream and grabbed my chest! I was astonished! That was the most money I have ever found!

Well, as you can guess, it helped pay for my move to Glenwood Springs.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

God Still Calms the Wind

Last night the wind was blowing hard and was accompanied by heavy rain. I heard it knocking something over on my balcony. I groaned within in objection and concern. The Lord seemed to ask me, "what would you like me to do?"

I replied in my heart, "I would like this wind to stop!"

It seemed to suddenly die down and has been calm since. I just went out on my balcony to recover a couple potted plants that were knocked over by last night's tempest.

Thank God He still calms storms! But most of all, He really cares!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a Tiny Red Speck Made My Day!

One day while visiting San Francisco just before my move to the Bay Area, I was having a shopping day in Haight-Ashbury. I was standing right at that famous intersection when I discovered a garnet missing from my favorite ring. I was bummed but didn't let it ruin the rest of my visit.

Three weeks after my return to Glenwood Springs from San Fran, I noticed a tiny red spot on the white portion of my bed cover. It looked like blood at first, but I bothered to touch it and not ignore it. It was the missing garnet from my very special ring!

I went into the the rock shop High Country Gems & Minerals on 8th near Grand where I bought the ring, to show it to my buddy Patti the "Rock Star"and we both rejoiced together.

Patti has glued the stone back into my ring and it's as good as new again! She did an amazing job! Patti really rocks!

Pittbull's Failed Attempt to Attack

In 1986 while living in Grand Junction, Colorado, I was walking up a paved path to my apartment with my bicycle when I was suddenly approached by Peppy, a female pittbull at large who quietly walked over to me and around to bite me on my left leg. She snarled as her teeth began to take hold of my leg. I yelled, "Stop, in Jesus' name!!"

She began to bark as she backed away. I continued to rebuke her.

I got inside safe and unharmed but called the authorities who came out shortly afterward. It was told me later that the owners had been in court that same morning over the dog who had bit someone else. But they claimed that the dog was approachable by young kids in the neighborhood and never harmed them. They weren't sure why or how the dog got loose and attacked me who was minding my own business.

But I have been approached by other angry dogs when with my bicycle, but usually when I'm riding it in the street. But the Name of above all names saved me this time. Amen.

However, a week later, a small boy in Denver was killed by a pittbul and it has since become illegal to own such a dog there.

Tie-dyed Seed and Bay Area Move Harvest

In 1995 while still in Denver, I began making visits to San Francisco. This was a result of an interest in becoming involved with the Jews for Jesus ministry there. Also, I really like San Francisco and remember visiting there with my family during my youth. I wanted to move there.

Upon one of my visits there I bought a tie-dyed rayon jumpsuit at Haight-Ashbury. It was fuchsia and black with gold foil stamped patterns throughout with other colors in it. It was short sleeved. I looked great in it and it fit me well.

But some years later God began to deal with me to part with it. I wouldn't do it for some time. He wouldn't leave me alone about it. I was disturbed over it.

Then finally, I did give it up and ended up taking nothing for it. For a long time I lived with regret over this. But I eventually forgot about it.

Then, in July of 2008, four years after having moved away from Denver to Glenwood Springs, I finally moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. God has since revealed to me how He took that jumpsuit and turned it into a relocation for me.

I'm living in South San Francisco now, which is not where God intended for me to move to. But I believe He's not through. Though I missed it along the way, I believe He is calling me into the City. Will look forward to posting about the fruition of this.

In the Eye of the Hailstorm

Back while living in Denver, Colorado in 1990 when the Post Office was across the street from my apartment complex, I ran off to mail a letter. But on my way out I noticed some unusual-looking textured clouds above me and seemed to sense being warned, hearing the Lord say, "Are you sure you want to go out right now?" I went anyway.

Well, I was only gone a few minutes. As soon as I got just inside the doors of the front entrance of our building, a huge, sideways, white deluge hit. I was inside looking out and watching this. There were other people in the lobby watching with me when I yelled, "I plead the Blood of Jesus!"

I heard a man beside me yell, "Amen!"

Later, it was reported how there was extensive damage to cars and windows, as well as many injuries. But as for our apartment complex, there was none! That storm caused car insurance rates to go up across the State of Colorado for many years, which made it second to New Jersey in high insurance rates.

Cat-at-large Rescued to Safety

Back in 1986 while living in Grand Junction, Colorado, a white young male cat with blue collar, no ID frequented my door. I knew if I fed him, I wouldn't get rid of him. However, he kept coming anyway. So one day I finally took him to the Pound.

For the following few nights or so, I was troubled and didn't sleep well. I have never taken an animal to the Pound for fear of it being euthanized. I was determined that if the cat did not get claimed, I would adopt him. His number was 206 if I wanted him.

Well, a few days later I had a dream of encountering the woman from the Pound on the street somewhere downtown, and her telling me that the owner came and picked up the cat. Two weeks later the dream was confirmed and I did encounter the woman from the Pound somewhere in town. She recognized me and told me that a young woman on a bicycle with a cage on the back, came to claim her cat. The Pound employee told the owner that her cat was turned in by a very concerned lady. She advised the owner to keep better tabs on her cat.

I later heard from someone in the neighborhood that the cat had been getting mistreated by some people in the area. So, taking the cat to the Pound may have saved his life. I believed I was being led by the Holy Spirit to take the cat in even though I didn't realize it then, and that God revealed to me in a dream that my action was not in vain. He also cared enough for the cat to save him from his abusers.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Landing Gear Revived

I believe it was in 1989 that I took a late-night trip to see my father and stepmother. A friend gave me a ride to the airport. At the time it was Stapleton, before Denver International Airport was ever built. It may have been Thanksgiving time, but not sure.

Anyway, I had a layover in Las Vegas on my way to Los Angeles where I would be landing at LAX. It was supposed to put me into LAX at around 4:00 or 4:30 in the morning. Then, I was supposed to take a cab from the airport to my folk's house and find the key under the doormat to let myself in and climb into a ready-made bed awaiting me.

As it was, when the plane left Denver and was over the Rocky Mountains, I heard "Pray in the Spirit." I didn't pay it much mind and started to doze off to sleep. But as soon as I would, I heard that voice and those words again. Again, I didn't pay it much mind but prayed, "Lord, give your angels charge over this flight."

Then, as we approached Las Vegas, I was reminded to pray again. So I did, but with not much thought or effort. We landed fine in Las Vegas were there for a short time while we picked up and dropped off passengers. I was allowed to remain on the plane which I preferred to do as I didn't want to be enticed with slot machines.

Finally got back up into the air and heard this voice again with the same words, "Pray in the Spirit." I was a bit agitated by it. I argued that I wanted to sleep. But when I would doze off, again the voice came. I am trying to recall what I did then.

Suddenly, as we were approaching LAX, the captain came on with an announcement, but it was difficult to hear because of the cabin noise. It was an older plane and it wasn't built well for sound. It was a Boeing 737 200 which is probably not in any fleet anymore. So I tried to ask the flight attendant who was speaking with the passenger in front of me. She answered me in a disgruntled, impatient tone and said I will speak with you when I'm done with this man. So I waited.

In the meanwhile, while descending into LA, we suddenly went up again and turned around.

Then, she asked me what it was I wanted. I asked her what the captain had announced as I could not hear what he said. She explained that the landing gear was not working and we had to go back to Las Vegas to make an emergency land due to regulations at LAX. I said, "Oh. Thanks."

As we approached Las Vegas again, but this time from the West, several announcements were made by the flight crew about our soon descent. When I noticed that one of the flight attendants had tension in her voice, I requested of the flight attendant I had been speaking with if I could move to another seat and I pointed across the aisle where there was no one seated. She granted me permission.

I moved to another seat away from any other passengers and bowed my head and began to pray. I began to address the devil, commanding him to loose his hold on the aircraft. I told him he was forbidden to have a single flight crew member, passenger or piece of luggage. I spoke to him firmly in the name of Jesus.

I don't think it had been quite five minutes, and I heard the captain return to the PA system and announce that the landing gear appeared to be working and was in the locked position. We made our land within minutes and the arrived at the gate with everything intact, although there were flashing red lights around us.

At the time, I didn't have a full understanding of the extent of what was going on, but we had to deplane and wait for another plane to become available to board. It seemed like a long wait but I hesitated to call my family (before I ever had a cellphone) to inform them of the delay. I was intent to let them sleep.

Well, we finally boarded another plane and headed to LA. We arrived in tip-top shape with no events. On the moving walkway I heard a man telling his friend behind me about the incident and described emergency vehicles awaiting us on the runway. I turned around and asked, "Was that for us?"

He answered, "Yes, that it could have been very serious."

I exclaimed, "I didn't know."

So, I caught a cab and went to the folk's house. As soon as I arrived and put the key in the door, the door seemed to open by itself. My stepmother was on the other side with a look of horror on her face. She explained that she got up five minutes before to check on me and found the bed empty. She called the airline but they wouldn't give her any information. So I stayed up and told her the whole event. I explained that I hesitated to call because of not wanting to disturb anyone. She told me the airline had assured her that this was to be a nonstop flight. Oh well, as far as I know, I arrived in one piece.

But sometime later, my stepmother was about to take a trip somewhere, and she flies a lot, called me on the phone to tell me. I was clueless at the time as to why, until I got off the phone with her. She wanted prayer.

Had it not been for the power of prayer, I might have been incinerated to death, along with many others. Lesson learned: Do not underestimate the power of prayer, and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit.

However, looking back, I didn't know what landing gear was and I believe in some ways God blinded me from knowing everything so that I could pray without fear.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Obtaining and Excelling at a Job

Back in March of 1998 I was contemplating looking for work when the Lord directed me to find something on the Web related to optical lab work, although I never worked in one before. I discovered an optical lab technician position available in the Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News online. So I went and applied at Duffens Optical who placed the ad.

Amazingly, I found I had supernatural confidence while filling out the job application and I documented information about my color aptitude without realizing why. It never occurred to me that color aptitude would be important in this position. But when I was interviewed I began to learn why. They were looking to fill a position in the dye station. I was astounded! It was the Lord all the time directing my steps.

After a couple days or so, I decided to give a followup phone call on my application. I was able to start almost immediately.

The first few days seemed impossible and it required a lot of stretching in me for my patience and eye training. It was very hard in the beginning but the confidence of my trainers helped pull me through the learning process. I confessed, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" throughout my shift each day. It finally caught on to my brain and it kicked in and made me the most excellent dye technician that Denver wholesale optical lab ever had in its 30 years of existence at the time.

When I began there, I had no inkling of how I could ever learn to tint lenses to the extent I needed to to achieve perfection in matching lenses one with another, especially with single and double gradients. It was one of my biggest tests of patience I had ever had as it took practice, practice, practice, and more practice.

However, I am very grateful for the training I was given and their belief in me as I believe wholeheartedly that the support I received on the job was the catalyst for my success there. It was the longest job I ever held. I am thankful to have had this experience. Besides this lab being a family owned business, I enjoyed working there because we were a thriving team and ran a tight ship.

It was more than just a job. They were like family to me of which I felt like an honorary member. I feel I owe much credit to my supervisor, Joe Stoker who encouraged cross-training and who scheduled meetings every week to ensure we were all on the same page. He had a heart of a champion and a leader that is not found in very many I have worked with, though I have had other bosses I've enjoyed. But Joe was motivated and visionary, no pun intended. But his enthusiasm was contagious. Thank you, Joe, if you ever read this and I hope you do someday! You helped me grow!

But above all else, I feel that God's word really set the stage for my success in that season of my life. How much more can it in this new season despite the critical time we are in now? I am seeing it in the lives of others who against all odds are excelling beyond what was ever imagined. So I believe it possible to surmount the seeming impossibilities now. Thank You, Lord! Amen.