Saturday, March 12, 2016

Encouraged About an Old Soulmate

I had just received word about Meredith who has been living at a bird sanctuary 32 miles away from me, formerly my pet for the first 25 years of his life, that he was ill. It sounded like he was about to exit this world. I wasn't ready for that although I was already sensing something was going on with him.

So I asked God to allow me more time with him. As it was, I was feeling badly for not visiting him more often, though I had good reasons. I had car issues and commitment to school.

But on the way to visiting him yesterday, enduring the wind and rain on the highway, I asked God for a turnaround in Meredith's health. I had to no longer entertain the thought that he was about to die, but that he could have extended life. I thanked the Lord and saw a rainbow grace the sky in the direction where he is living. I wish I could have pulled off the highway to take a picture of it. It was perfect, and too good to be a mere coincidence! That gave me great hope and joy that God heard my prayers. That felt special to me!

When I arrived and saw his cage on the table, I was hesitant about approaching him. But after setting my things down, I got a better look at him. It was hard at first and he didn't look well. But with a few moments of interacting with him, he seemed to perk up and eat and drink. He allowed me to stroke his head, although not at first. But once he warned up to me, he made the sounds he used to make when getting his neck rubbed.

This encouraged me and revived my faith which had seemed to fade away. Thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness! ♥️

Update tonight:

This is nothing short of a miracle, given the bird's age and his condition when I first heard about this and saw him weak, unstable on his feet, and shivering! Now he has his life back!