Friday, September 7, 2012

Being Chased by Candy

Since recently making a quality decision to give up a sweet tooth, I have managed to resist the candy jar twice in a row now at work. But yesterday evening in class, I discovered two pieces of candy lying on the chair between my classmate Janice and me. I pulled the chair out and showed Janice the candy, asking her if it belonged to her. She said, "no." I had to laugh and I may have told her why.

Then, I got up to take a quick break. When I returned, there was candy all over the tabletops and my classmates were all partaking! It was like a bad dream! They said they found it taped under the tables. I couldn't believe it! They were the small Halloween-size candies, such as what I saw in the jar at work over the past couple days.

I told the class about my resistance to sweets and why. I explained that I was pre-diabetic, and asked them to discourage me from indulging.

But I resisted until the last half hour of class. I was released by the Lord to have just one piece. I chose to have a NestlĂ© Crunch. But I told a classmate who watched me take it that I could have just one and I gave him permission to slap my hand if I take another. He never had to slap my hand.

At the end of class, the candy was taped back underneath the tables where it was found. This has to be the only time in my life I could credit the devil for a sense of humor.

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