Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Tree Climb

When I was just a youngster, probably preteen, I used to climb up into the largest tree in my grandparents' backyard. One day I was inspired to climb to the very top, above the foliage, the highest point I could reach. In the process, a branch broke from under me and I landed perfectly onto another branch before my mind could catch up with the reality that took place. I remember being stunned and thinking how unlikely such an event could happen that a branch below could break my fall.

So, for a story for my storyboarding class, I chose to use this experience for my project.

The Tree Climb Storyboard

The Tree Climb Final

The final version is a more refined animation where all the assets are created in Flash. The story is foreshortened as per the decision of my instructor. The storyboard animation consists of assets that were created in Frameforge, the trial version of which I made screenshots to remove the overlaying black text generated by the trial Frameforge.

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