Monday, January 29, 2018

A New Family Member

For some time now, the Lord had been speaking to me about adding another bird to my flock. I already had four and felt that was my limit. However, the Lord continued to speak to me about an additional bird, but was unclear about who, what and where.

Meanwhile, I've been aware of a family who received a cockatiel as a gift by a couple who bred her. The name given to her was Enoch. Wasn't sure if they realized the bird was a female but they liked the name because of the Bible character.

Over time, I had visited this home for Bible study which met weekly. I had been drawn to this bird that looked like she could use some enhancements to her habitat and would offer suggestions. I brought treats and maybe even a toy or two on occasion. But I soon learned that the bird would be finding a new home. I was saddened a bit but knew it was probably the best move.

So I offered to take the bird. Here she is in her new setting. She has settled in very nicely. She really loves her swing and her treats! Her name has been changed to Sweet Pea, and what a sweetie she is! 🐦

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