Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Pearl-White Purse

In April of 2004 I was making a move over 160 miles from Denver to Glenwood Springs. I was saying goodbye to many of my acquaintances in Denver.

Meanwhile, the preparation for the move was an exercise of my faith as I did not have quite the means I would have liked for such a move. So I prayed for a windfall, not knowing exactly what I was praying for.

One day while standing in line at a food bank, I saw a book called Finders Keepers. Without opening it, I remember pondering the title saying, I would not want to leave someone as a Loser Weeper. But somehow I knew that was a message for me without understanding how it would manifest itself in my life or on my behalf.

Then a few days later as my brother graciously offered to put new tires on my car, and I was getting that fulfilled at Discount Tire, I was summoned by the Lord to go across the street to the Unique Thrift Store and buy a purse. He had spoken to me earlier about buying a purse. It seemed odd since the need for another purse wasn't apparent to me at the time.

I don't have that purse anymore. Neither do I have any pictures of it. But it did get a lot of use before I finally gave it up. But here is an illustration that closely resembles it. It had a nice brown cloth lining with a zipper pocket inside, and the purse itself was deep.

Nevertheless, I went across the street and looked at the purses they had on sale. I was drawn to only one, which I would not have picked. It was a plain-looking, pearl-white, imitation leather purse. I bought it for a few bucks. Didn't think anything about it.

Then, when the car was ready with its new tires, I went home. I happened to examine the purse once I was home. I pulled out a white bank envelope. It had no one's name on it. I opened it up and pulled out $250 cash! I let out a scream and grabbed my chest! I was astonished! That was the most money I have ever found!

Well, as you can guess, it helped pay for my move to Glenwood Springs.

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