Friday, June 8, 2012

Attest to Tithing

I recently recommitted to tithing. However, my resources have been depleted and I am being stretched to trust God for provision. This past month I was unable to pay my bills on time and found myself having to contact my phone carriers and utility company to alert them to my need to make late payments. They all seemed willing to work with me. 

In my conversation with my cellphone carrier I inquired about a pay-as-you-go plan. I was told that their best plan would cost around $30 a month. I wasn't going for it. After reviewing my account history, they made an offer that I simply could not refuse. I ended up with the $30 a month plan which however locks me in for two years contract with them, and they decided to forgive the $45 bill that was due.

Now if that is't God, I don't know what was! I got to testify in church last Sunday. It has to have been a result of tithing and my good standing as their customer since June of 2005. Thanks be to God! This month's bill was around $28! Wow God!

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