Sunday, July 29, 2012

God Fixes Mechanical Glitches

Last year, there was a stalled white car in a school parking lot with a lady inside and group of her friends around. She was unable to get her car to start. I recognized one of her friends who happened to work with me in the college library, who is a believer.

As I neared them, a strange boldness rose up inside me. I imagined myself saying, "Arise and walk!"

Then, I approached the white stalled car and slammed my hand on the hood and commanded the car to start, in Jesus' name.

As the young lady turned the key, it started up immediately. We all gave a shout and she ran out of her car with the engine running, and threw her arms around me, thanking me.

We had a shoutin' hallelujah good time in the parking lot at the marvelous thing the Lord had performed.

Just the other day I found that my USB webcam which I only had for about two years was faulty. It would give a darkened image of insufficient light which made it necessary to edit the images produced by it in order to have the desired result.

I recalled the incident with the stalled car and told God that I honestly didn't know if I could believe for Him to fix my webcam. I called the place I bought it from to ask how to calibrate it, if I could. I was told that since the warrantee was expired, it would be better to replace it. I wasn't so happy about that.

So I tested it again with Facebook and with Photo Booth and still no change. Then I decided to launch FaceTime, and suddenly the problem cleared and it's working again. No more dark images! Hallelujah! God just did it again! That was a savings of $55 or better!

Rocketfish Webcam

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  1. Well, my webcam has since given up the ghost. I don't plan on buying another one on account of having a built-in one on my laptop and on two of my devices. Besides, I tend to suspect that Rocketfish (a brand of BestBuy) is not a reliable product line in terms of longevity. Just my thought.


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