Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lessons Learned from a River Rafting Trip

In Summer 2008 I went on a river rafting trip on the Colorado River. I sat on the left side, midway of the raft. So I had a paddle in my hands. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water. I was with a friend of a friend who wanted a companion for the day. This was set up by a friend out of town and it was very thoughtful of her to fix me up with him, although it never led to anything further.

As we sat in the raft, Jim (vaguely recalling his name) was the only one wearing a neoprene outfit. I wore shorts and a swimsuit. So I had to tolerate getting soaked with cool river water.

There were probably nine of us in the boat with the river guide at the stern who led us strategically through ebbs and flows of the river. Every once in a while, he would sneak us upon a treacherous spot where we had to use our paddles rigorously at his commanding and excited voice.

So I paddled rigorously through the rough waters to help us through to safety. I discovered that I felt less intimidated by the rapids whenever I aggressively wielded my paddle against the turbulent waters. I felt more in control of the conditions at hand.

So I pondered how true it is with spiritual things and what I have been taught that circumstances are subject to change but God's Word never changes, but is able to command our circumstances to align with His will and His glory. So, lesson learned, and still learning.

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