Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Divinely Directed in Shopping

When I was shopping at Target for some leggings and saw that another shopper beat me to the last pair of gray leggings, I was disappointed. But God had another plan. The following day after doing some community volunteer work in a park garden, I was prompted to go to the Goodwill store nearby. I found a pair of gray leggings there that seemed to call out to me for just a few dollars, such as what was on clearance at Target the day before.

I had tap dance lessons in the back of my mind when recently I was prompted to visit the Goodwill not knowing they were having a half-off, store-wide sale on all items except for long sleeved clothing. I found a pair of tap shoes there and got them for $11.50. They fit perfectly. I had spotted them being displayed on a circular clothing rack, apart and away from where all other shoes are displayed.

God is not only the Bargain Hunter but the Bargain Finder. While He delights in the prosperity of His servants, He prospers them in leading them to bargains.

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