Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spared from Car Accidents in Denver

1. On Hwy 6 as it turned into 6th Avenue, approaching Santa Fe Drive in Denver coming home from completing a graveyard shift: All to my surprise, I screamed "I am a tither!" as I was speedily approaching a car that I had no idea was stopped. I managed to stop just short of hitting the other car.

Now I will no longer work a third shift because it might land me or someone else in the graveyard.

2. Feeling somehow uneasy about driving on the highway to work I decided to have my tires inspected to discover a bulge on the inside before having it blow on Hwy 36 on where I commuted everyday to work.

Meanwhile, around the same time a minister and his family were in an accident caused by a similar thing and he died. A pastor who told this story said he wondered why such a tragedy should have happened. I later told him my story of how I was spared.

3. Avoided truck pulling out from driveway onto busy Colorado Boulevard right in front of me while I was driving with an atheist in the passenger seat. I got around in front of the truck and somehow it seemed as though an angel literally stopped the truck. I had the right of way and had no idea the driver didn't notice me since I was clearly in his view on his left. My passenger nearly had a heart attack. It should have made a believer out of him.

Lesson: It pays to listen to the Holy Spirit and to the inward promptings. Also, be grounded in prayer and in scripture about protection. Psalm 91 is a favorite.

I should not have assumed the truck driver saw me even though it seemed I was clearly noticeable. It might have been an appropriate time to use my horn.

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