Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Dreamt I Saw The Lord

It was real as though I was awake. I heard as it were, someone coming in through the front door. It was still dark out, but my bedroom was lit from the street light. So there was enough visibility to see a person walk into my room.

A figure did enter my room, standing at the foot of my bed. He was dressed somewhat like a nun in that He was cloaked in what looked like a black cape and hood over a white tunic, and girded at the waste. His face was not clearly visible.

I was a bit stunned. So I was lying on my right side and not able to look directly at this Person. But I moaned and extended to Him my left hand. He touched it and rubbed His index finger along the top of my hand. I asked, "are you the One my soul waits for?" He uttered, "mh-hm," meaning in the affirmative.

Then I awoke from my sleep to discover it was a dream, but I believe it was divinely ordered and this Visitor to have been Jesus Who just came to reassure me that He has not abandoned me.
Pictured with red cloak instead of black as seen in dream for aesthetics.
You can now view my animated story by visiting "I Had A Dream."

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