Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tie-dyed Seed and Bay Area Move Harvest

In 1995 while still in Denver, I began making visits to San Francisco. This was a result of an interest in becoming involved with the Jews for Jesus ministry there. Also, I really like San Francisco and remember visiting there with my family during my youth. I wanted to move there.

Upon one of my visits there I bought a tie-dyed rayon jumpsuit at Haight-Ashbury. It was fuchsia and black with gold foil stamped patterns throughout with other colors in it. It was short sleeved. I looked great in it and it fit me well.

But some years later God began to deal with me to part with it. I wouldn't do it for some time. He wouldn't leave me alone about it. I was disturbed over it.

Then finally, I did give it up and ended up taking nothing for it. For a long time I lived with regret over this. But I eventually forgot about it.

Then, in July of 2008, four years after having moved away from Denver to Glenwood Springs, I finally moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. God has since revealed to me how He took that jumpsuit and turned it into a relocation for me.

I'm living in South San Francisco now, which is not where God intended for me to move to. But I believe He's not through. Though I missed it along the way, I believe He is calling me into the City. Will look forward to posting about the fruition of this.

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