Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cat-at-large Rescued to Safety

Back in 1986 while living in Grand Junction, Colorado, a white young male cat with blue collar, no ID frequented my door. I knew if I fed him, I wouldn't get rid of him. However, he kept coming anyway. So one day I finally took him to the Pound.

For the following few nights or so, I was troubled and didn't sleep well. I have never taken an animal to the Pound for fear of it being euthanized. I was determined that if the cat did not get claimed, I would adopt him. His number was 206 if I wanted him.

Well, a few days later I had a dream of encountering the woman from the Pound on the street somewhere downtown, and her telling me that the owner came and picked up the cat. Two weeks later the dream was confirmed and I did encounter the woman from the Pound somewhere in town. She recognized me and told me that a young woman on a bicycle with a cage on the back, came to claim her cat. The Pound employee told the owner that her cat was turned in by a very concerned lady. She advised the owner to keep better tabs on her cat.

I later heard from someone in the neighborhood that the cat had been getting mistreated by some people in the area. So, taking the cat to the Pound may have saved his life. I believed I was being led by the Holy Spirit to take the cat in even though I didn't realize it then, and that God revealed to me in a dream that my action was not in vain. He also cared enough for the cat to save him from his abusers.

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