Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pittbull's Failed Attempt to Attack

In 1986 while living in Grand Junction, Colorado, I was walking up a paved path to my apartment with my bicycle when I was suddenly approached by Peppy, a female pittbull at large who quietly walked over to me and around to bite me on my left leg. She snarled as her teeth began to take hold of my leg. I yelled, "Stop, in Jesus' name!!"

She began to bark as she backed away. I continued to rebuke her.

I got inside safe and unharmed but called the authorities who came out shortly afterward. It was told me later that the owners had been in court that same morning over the dog who had bit someone else. But they claimed that the dog was approachable by young kids in the neighborhood and never harmed them. They weren't sure why or how the dog got loose and attacked me who was minding my own business.

But I have been approached by other angry dogs when with my bicycle, but usually when I'm riding it in the street. But the Name of above all names saved me this time. Amen.

However, a week later, a small boy in Denver was killed by a pittbul and it has since become illegal to own such a dog there.

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